Shipping rates indicate the price of delivery that is charged in addition to the ordered products’ cost. The shipping price is calculated on the checkout based on the goods in the shopping cart and delivery address. Usually, buyers are offered several delivery options - with a different price-speed ratio. This article reveals all aspects of shipping settings in Checkify and is aimed to help you adjust them according to your business’s needs.

Important: Currently, Checkify only displays its own shipping rates. Thus, once you activate Checkify on your store, all your Shopify / third-party apps shipping rates will be disabled. Make sure you transferred all vital shipping settings to Checkify before publishing your checkout.

In this article:

  1. How shipping rates are displayed on your checkout

  2. Creating a new shipping rate

  3. Managing your shipping rates

  4. Resolving common issues

1. How shipping rates are displayed on your checkout

"Shipping Options" block is placed under the "Shipping Details" section and contains all rates that are valid for the current order.

A close-up of the "Shipping Options" block on Checkify's checkout

Each of the displayed shipping rates consists of a name (bold text), description (faded text), and price. They are always listed from the least to the most expensive ones.

The pre-selection of the shipping rate (shipping selector position in the moment of checkout loading) is determined by the "Default" parameter. Check section 2.4 of this article for more info on this feature.

Important: always make sure that there is at least one active shipping method for all types of orders. If no shipping rate is available for the order, the customer won't be able to complete their purchase.

2. Creating a new shipping rate

You will be asked to add your first shipping rate during the onboarding process, which will be applied automatically to all orders in your store (you can change or delete it later).

To add more shipping rates, go to Checkify > Shipping Rates > Create New.

2.1 Complete the "General Information" section

  • "Internal name" (optional) — If you use several rates for one location, then for the convenience of searching in the list, you can give it an internal name;

  • "Shipping rate name" — this text will be displayed as the shipping rate name on the checkout page;

  • "Description" (optional) — this text will be displayed right after the shipping rate name; you can use it to provide more information on about this shipping method (delivery time, additional benefits, etc.);

  • "Shipping price" — if you put zero here, a "Free" label will be displayed instead;

2.2 Complete the "Conditions" section (if needed)

  • "Cart items" (optional) — the shipping rate can be displayed only for orders with a certain number of items. Can be useful for stores with homogeneous products.

  • "Cart subtotal" (optional) — the shipping rate can be displayed only for orders of a certain amount. Can be useful for providing shipping discounts.

  • "Cart weight" (optional) — the shipping rate can be displayed only for orders of a certain weight. Can be useful for stores with large variability in the dimensions of the products sold.

2.3 Review the list of shipping destinations

You can select specific countries or regions for which this shipping method will be displayed. Just click on "Edit countries" in the "Countries" section and disable unwanted countries / regions.

Important: make sure you have at least one shipping method for each country you are working with.

2.4 Check "Default" parameter

If you want this shipping method to be pre-selected on checkout loading, turn this feature on. For example, on the screenshot below shipping rate #2 was marked as default, while #1 and #3 weren't.

The "Default" parameter helps you to offer more expensive shipping first

Here is some info on the default-enabled shipping rates relationships:

  • if only one of the displayed shipping rates is marked as "Default", it will be pre-selected;

  • if there are two or more of the displayed shipping rates marked as "Default", the one with the lowest price will be pre-selected;

  • if none of the displayed shipping rates are marked as "Default", the one with the lowest price will be pre-selected.

2.5 Add taxes to this rate

You can add the tax a shipping option. If you need this, set the switch to active state. But first, you should enable taxes on the Customization tab.

2.6 Save your shipping rate

Don't forget to click on the "Save changes" button before closing the window. Your newly created shipping rate will go live right after this.

3. Managing your shipping rates

You can edit, delete and rearrange your shipping rates in the Shipping Rates section of the Checkify admin panel.

Shipping rates management panel

To edit a shipping rate, just click on the rate name, change the details needed, and save it — nothing different from the shipping rate creation process.

You can rearrange shipping rates by dragging and dropping them into an order that makes sense to you.

To permanently delete a shipping rate, click on the bin icon on the right, and confirm your decision in the confirmation popup.

Important: the checkout will not be completed and will return an error to your customer if the total cart value goes below zero!

4. Resolving common issues

🙀 I sell digital products. Can I remove the "Shipping Options" section from the checkout page?

Yes, you can! For more details you can read in this article.

🙀 I shipping products only to Italy. Can I remove other countries from the checkout page?

Yes, you can! If you want to limit the list of countries which your buyers can select on the checkout page, you have two ways to do this:

1) limit the list in the default Shopify address form (save the default form after introducing changes), refer to our guide

2) or create a new shipping form refer to our guide

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