Cash on Delivery is one of the payment methods supported by Checkify. In this guide, you’ll learn how to activate COD, how the orders are treated, and how to push buyers from COD to online payment.

In this article:

  1. How COD works on Shopify

  2. COD in pricing plans

  3. Setting up COD as a payment method on Checkify

  4. Handling Checkify’s COD orders

  5. Resolving common issues

1. How COD works on Shopify

Shopify treats Cash on Delivery as a manual payment method. Orders that were placed with manual payments are marked as unpaid on the Orders page. You can collect payments from COD orders either by sending an invoice to your clients or letting them pay as they receive the product. After you receive payment for a customer's order, mark the order as paid on the order details page.

Checkify supports Cash on Delivery orders along with Stripe and Paypal payment gateways. You can limit COD orders by specific locations and add extra fees. Usually, COD orders are more expensive for the merchant, so you might want to direct your customers towards online payment.

2. COD in pricing plans

COD is not included the plan with the lowest subscription fee, but it is available in other plans. In addition to using COD, you’ll be able to connect a custom domain.

3. Setting up COD as a payment method on Checkify

3.1 Follow these steps to add Cash on Delivery to your checkout

  1. Sign in to your Checkify account.

  2. Go to the Payment Methods section of your Admin panel.

  3. Click Create new.

  4. Choose Cash on Delivery.

  5. Click Save changes.

3.2 Additional options

Selecting countries for COD

Select specific countries or regions for which you want to display COD on checkout.

Edit individual countries, regions, or all countries in one click

Extra fees for COD

Charge your clients an extra fee for COD orders. You can choose between charging a fixed price, a percentage of the purchase amount, or nothing at all.

Once you set it up, COD will appear in your Payment Methods section of the Checkify admin panel.

A created COD payment method

The COD will be displayed as your default payment method if it’s the first one you create on Checkify. It will also show up first for your customers. If you want another payment method to be pre-selected on checkout, delete payment methods, and create the one you want as default from scratch.

4. Handling COD orders

Confirmational letters from Shopify will be include this fee.

You not need fulfill this items manually, this item will be fulfilled automatically.

5. Resolving common issues

🙀 Can I remove the billing address for COD orders?

Yes, you can use Customization section for hide billing address.

🙀 Can I remove some delivery options if a customer opts-in for cash on delivery?

No, you can hide some options only based on the customer’s location for now. Read more about shipping options in our guide.

🙀 Can I delete Cash on Delivery from my payment methods?

Yes, just click the trash can icon next to the payment method.

🙀 I need to perform a test transaction, but I’m only using the Cash on Delivery payment method. Will I be charged?

You won’t be charged if you choose COD as a payment method.

🙀 Can I remove the billing address for COD orders?

Not at the moment, but we’ll be adding this option in the future.

🙀 Is Checkify compatible with fulfillment apps?

There are no fulfillment apps with open API, so we can’t predict their behavior or guarantee they’ll work with the checkout. That’s why we can’t integrate them with Checkify.

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