PayPal is a worldwide online payment system that facilitates payments between parties through online transfers. PayPal allows paying via an account on its platform, which is connected to a user's credit card or checking account. The company is highly popular as a payment processor for online stores all over the world due to its one-click transaction confirmation and storing passwords. For more info about this payment provider please visit:

In this article:

  1. Pre-connection checklist

  2. Setting up PayPal on Checkify's checkout

  3. PayPal express checkout buttons

  4. Resolving common issues

1. Pre-connection checklist

To enable PayPal as a payment gateway on your store, you must have an active PayPal business account. If you have already used PayPal with Shopify, we suggest you connect it to Checkify (do not create a new one).

If you don't have one, register it here.

Please note that PayPal Business is available only to stores in certain countries. For the list of supported countries, please visit their website.

2. Setting up PayPal on Checkify's checkout

2.1 Generate live API keys in your PayPal Developer Account

To connect your PayPal account to Checkify, you need to generate an API key for Checkify (similar to Shopify-Checkify connection). For this, sign in to your PayPal account and go to the PayPal Developer section, then select "My Apps & Credentials" in the menu on the left.

Important: Make sure you are viewing your live PayPal API keys (selector "Live" must be blue).

Step-by-step - PayPal API keys generation

To generate API keys for Checkify:

  1. Click on the "Create app" button;

  2. Set "Checkify" as your app name;

  3. Confirm your action by clicking the "Create app" button;

  4. Your PayPal credentials (Client ID and Secret) are ready to use!

2.2 Add PayPal as a new Payment Method on Checkify

  1. Login to your Checkify account, if you haven't done it yet;

  2. Go to "Payment Methods" in the menu on the left;

  3. Find "PayPal" in the set of thumbnails and press "Connect +".

2.3 Copy PayPal API Keys to Checkify

  1. Copy your Client ID from PayPal and paste it to the corresponding field in Checkify's admin panel;

  2. Copy your live Client Secret key from PayPal (click on it to show the full key, before copying) and paste it to the corresponding field in Checkify's admin panel;

  3. Click on "Connect +" in the bottom right corner of the screen.

2.4 Additional options

After adding PayPal as a payment method on Checkify, you will also be able to configure a couple of additional options:

- Target countries

You can select specific countries or regions for which this payment method will be displayed.

3. PayPal express checkout buttons

Checkify offers, in addition to regular payments via PayPal, to connect express checkout buttons. This is an express payment via PayPal and it is accepting credit or debit cards via PayPal (for example, if a buyer does not have a PayPal account).

Behavior when paying through the specified options is different. Learn more about it below. Kindly note that both of the buttons will not be displayed in the Checkify's preview mode (Checkout preview). Translation of texts in PayPal windows will occur automatically based on the buyer's country and browser language.

3.1. PayPal express button

If a buyer makes a payment through this button, then Checkify uses the shipping address specified in the PayPal account to form an order in Shopify.

Therefore, if you use a custom shipping form, we do not recommend enabling this option due to the fact that some fields may not be transferred to the order on the Shopify side. When initiating a payment via PayPal, the user can choose the shipping method.

3.2. Pay with credit or debit cards via PayPal

If a buyer makes a payment through this button, then Checkify uses the shipping address specified in the shipping form fields to form an order in Shopify.

Because of this, the button will only be displayed if the buyer has filled in all the required fields on the shipping form. The button will be shown below the shipping form. See an example in the video below:

4. Resolving common issues

🙀 Can I enable PayPal express buttons without a PayPal account?

No, if you want to use PayPal express buttons you need have the account.

🙀 I don't have a company. Can I still open a PayPal account?

In general, PayPal does not allow individuals without a legal entity to open a Business account. For up-to-date information on this question, please visit the PayPal Business Resource Center.

🙀 PayPal is not available in my country. How to get an account?

In this case, your best option is to find another payment processor that operates in your country. You can also check thematic forums for ideas on how to get a PayPal account from a country that is not on their list.

🙀 What are PayPal's fees for payment processing?

For up-to-date information on this question, please visit the PayPal official website.

🙀 I get the "You entered invalid keys!" error when adding PayPal API keys to Checkify.

Please make sure you copied and pasted the correct Live keys to the corresponding fields. Make sure that the keys are not from the 'sandbox'. If this was not helpful, write to [email protected].

🙀 I checked everything but I still cannot pass the validation.

There is a possibility that some extensions or cache-cookies are interfering and causing the problem. Please try performing the operation in Incognito mode of your browser.

🙀 My PayPal account got suspended! What to do?

Contact PayPal support and try to resolve this issue with them. Unfortunately, we cannot influence their decision.

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