Checkify is a faster checkout with a sleek design that will appeal to your customers. Once you connect Checkify to your store, you can start configuring your new checkout.

Use this guide to set up your checkout. If you encounter any issues, write us.

The guide about the customization of your checkout page can be found here.

In this article

1. Get your checkout working

2. How to test your checkout

3. Create your first pre-purchase and post-purchase offers

4. Common issues

1. Get your checkout working

After creating a private app or installing the custom app and setting up the permissions, Checkify will be connected to your store, but it will still not be displayed. We want you to have time in order to fine-tune the checkout first.

Note: the recommended web browser is the latest version of Google Chrome. Our app will work with any browser, but the best experience is achieved with Chrome.

Checkify appears on your store after:

  • you set up at least one payment method (follow our guides on connecting COD, Stripe, or PayPal);

Stripe set up

  • you add a shipping rate for the same geolocation (refer to our guide) and customize the shipping form (which is optional, refer to our guide);

A shipping rate set up

  • If you want to limit the list of countries which your buyers can select on the checkout page, you have two ways to do this:

    1) limit the list in the default Shopify address form (save the default form after introducing changes), refer to our guide;

or 2) create a new shipping form, refer to our guide.

  • you choose a subscription plan and add a valid card as the billing method to start your free trial period. To learn more about Checkify billing please study our guide.

Once you connect and set up Checkify, you can proceed to the checkout's customization.

Important: Do not put your store under the password protection if you like to preview the checkout, as Checkify cannot load while the store is password-protected.

When you finish all the steps, you are ready to publish your checkout.

Remember to publish your checkout when ready

2. How to test your checkout

We have a preview feature in Customization section.

Attention: The preview of the checkout page and the Thank You page does not include custom scripts. Only the real checkout / Thank You pages will include them. So, testing such things as your design improvements (via custom CSS) should be done on the actual (live) checkout.

To make sure your checkout works:

  • Add a product to your cart and go to the checkout in Incognito mode.

  • Click a "Buy now" button to get to the checkout page.

  • Check your store and the checkout both from a desktop and from your phone.

  • Create a discount code and make a test purchase to see Checkify in action. Note that the minimal transaction you can have on Stripe is $0.5.

Important: a) If the checkout does not work properly for some reason, your visitors will be redirected to the default checkout page, so you will not lose any customers or revenue; b) the checkout will not be completed and will return an error to your customer if the total cart value goes below zero!

If you had any issues with your checkout while testing, get in touch with our support. Make sure to include text description of the issue, screenshots, a video screen recording, or the direct link to the checkout page. If you had an issue with a specific device or browser, please include the OS version and the brand name (model) too.

To temporarily disable your checkout in order to change some settings, click the Active toggle in the Checkify admin panel. If you have more questions about disabling Checkify please read our guide.

To temporarily disable Checkify on your store, go to Profile > Store

If you want to reconnect the store you should paste credentials and press the appropriate button on the Stores tab:

  • if you use a custom app

Copy-paste generated API key to "API key from Shopify" field on Checkify.

Copy-paste generated (revealed) API Admin access token to "Admin API access token" field on Checkify.

Copy-paste generated API secret key to "API secret key" field on Checkify.

  • if you use a private app

Copy-paste generated API key to "API key" field on Checkify.

Copy-paste generated Password to "API access token" field on Checkify.

Copy-paste generated Shared Secret to "API secret key" field on Checkify.

3. Create your first pre-purchase and post-purchase offers

If you want to learn more about pre-purchase offers (upsells) you can study our article.

If you want to learn more about post-purchase offers, please check our guide.

4. Common issues

🙀 I decided to change the store's theme and Checkify now does not appear on my store. What can I do?

Every time you change or modify the theme of your store and start seeing the default checkout again, it is highly recommended to republish our script. Go to admin > Settings > Checkify Script and press the appropriate button.

🙀 I have done everything correctly and double-checked it. Checkify still does not appear in my store. What else can I do?

Checkify cannot be published on stores with password protection. Make sure you remove the password before publishing Checkify.

If Checkify does not appear on your store, it might be linked to the theme’s features, for example, if it has a very custom code. We work on making Checkify compatible with as many themes as possible, so let us know if you have issues with getting Checkify to work in your specific theme. Also, sometime third-party eComm apps may conflict with Checkify. Double check your recent add-ons.

If you have enabled Skip cart on the "Add to cart" button, we recommend that you disable the feature.

First, make sure the script was added to your theme. To look for script in your theme’s code:

  1. Right-click on any product page.

  2. Choose Inspect in the menu.

    Click Inspect to look for code in your theme

  3. Press CTRL+F (Command+F for MacOS) to activate the search mode.

  4. Enter “data-checkify”.

    Search for Checkify script in your theme

  5. If the search comes up empty, you can republish the script from your Checkify admin panel.

Republish the Checkify script if you do not find it in the source code of your theme

In some cases, you will have to add the script to your theme manually.

To do so, go to Online Store > Themes > Current theme > Actions > Edit code.

Find theme.liquid file in the left menu and add this script right before closing </head> tag:

<script data-checkify-url="" async="" src=""></script>

🙀 I have completed all the steps to get started but the “Buy now” button still does not take me to the checkout page.

⚠️ Please note that the instruction below is for more advanced users who are comfortable with updating their theme files manually. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Liquid is required. Contact a developer, if in doubt.

In some rare cases, there might be other applications you have installed previously that are overriding these buttons.

In these cases, you can try to troubleshoot the buttons by changing a part of your theme script.

  • Go to your store’s admin area

  • Go to the Theme area

  • Click on the Actions menu

  • Click on the Edit Code

  • Open the product-template.liquid or product-form.liquid or product.liquid file (different themes use different names of product template liquid)

  • Find this part:

{%- if section.settings.show_payment_button -%}
{{ form | payment_button }}
{%- endif -%}
  • And change to this code (optional, change name of button "Buy now" to your language):

{%- if section.settings.show_payment_button -%}
<button type="submit" action='/checkout' class="shopify-payment-button__button shopify-payment-button__button--unbranded" >Buy now</button>
<input type="hidden" name="return_to" value="/checkout/" />
{%- endif -%}
  • And save your file 👇

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