Either you choose to wait for a feature in our future releases or need Checkify.pro paused, you'll be able to delete the app with this guide.

In this article:

  1. Disable Checkify / Cancel subscription

  2. Remove Checkify's script from your theme

  3. Delete Private App or Uninstall / Delete Custom app

  4. Delete all data associated with your Checkify account

  5. Resolving common issues

1. Disable Checkify / Cancel subscription

Disabling Checkify from the Admin panel can be helpful when you need to switch it off for a short time. For example, if Checkify experienced some issues, or if Stripe stopped working and you need to wait till it's on again.

To disable Checkify, you only need to switch the toggle to Inactive in the Checkify Admin Panel (Profile > Store).

Checkify's Profile section, "Store" tab.

Important: If you have an active subscription, please cancel the subscription in the Billing section, "Billing Profile" tab, to make sure you will not be charged or save the free trial period. You can read how recurring charges are formed and calculated in this article.

2. Remove Checkify's script from your theme

This solution will work for you if you'd like to use Checkify in the future after a feature you're waiting for is implemented. Deleting the code from your theme will remove the preloader from your website.

Go to your store on Shopify: Online Store > Themes > Current theme > Actions > Edit code.

Shopify admin page.

Find the Layout section in the left taskbar in Shopify and choose the theme.liquid file. In the code editor, look for "checkify" in your script, and delete script that looks like that:

<script data-checkify-url="https://pay.checkify.pro"

Here's how it looks in Shopify's code editor:

Highlighed Checkify's script in the theme's code.

Important: The script might vary slightly depending on your store's theme. You can find your script in the Checkify admin panel (Settings, "Checkify Script" tab).

3. Delete Private App or Uninstall / Delete Custom app

Delete your Private App in your Shopify's admin to stop using Checkify or to republish your Shopify theme. This solution will delete the connection between your store and Checkify. If you don't delete the Private App, the script will be automatically added again, and Checkify checkout will be active.

Deleting the Private App doesn't delete your Checkify account or your Checkify settings. So, once you decide to go back to using Checkify, you'll need to create the Private App again and republish the script.

If you installed Checkify as the Custom App, you can uninstall the app or delete the Custom App in the similar way as described above.

Important: Deleting the Private App or the Custom App makes refunds of the transactions created with Checkify impossible. So, if you aren't going to edit your theme, keep your Private / Custom App.

4. Delete all data associated with your Checkify account

If you're removing Checkify because you encountered some issues, let us know at [email protected], we'll help you out and comment on your case.

You can completely delete an account in the Billing section.

After the confirmation, your data will be completely deleted, and you will not be able to reuse the previously registered email and store:

Than, please confirm your action (be careful you won't be able to use your old email and store to create new account):

Kindly note that removals are not possible for accounts (stores) with an Active subscription. Therefore, it is necessary to cancel first.

5. Resolving common issues

🙀 I disabled Checkify, but I still see the preloader. What should I do?

Remove Checkify script from your theme.

🙀 Your support team connected Checkify manually to my theme. Can I just turn it off?

Turn off Checkify and check your store. If everything works and you just see the preloader - you're good to go. If you turned off Checkify and your checkout doesn't work properly - let us know, we'll reverse the changes to your theme.

🙀 I want to Checkify for now. Can I use this account with another store?

You won't be able to use the same account for another store. So, if you choose to delete Checkify for the current one, you'll need a separate account for the next store.

🙀 I turned off the toggle, but I still see the Checkify checkout.

Check your store from the Incognito mode in your browser.

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