Checkify billing uses a system of recurring payments. Learn how you are going to be charged once you subscribe to Checkify one-page checkout service and complete the free trial period.

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  1. Checkify pricing

    1.1 How Checkify calculates pricing

    1.2 The Plans

  2. Checkify billing

    2.1 Connect your card to Checkify

    2.2 Checkify charges

    2.3 Change the plan

    2.4 Cancel subscription

  3. Trial period

  4. Resolving common issues

1. Checkify pricing

1.1 How Checkify calculates pricing

Checkify uses a combination of a fixed fee and transaction commissions on your sales to calculate weekly charges. For example, on the Plus Plan, it is €14.99 per week + 1% of your sales, i.e. deals your customers closed via Checkify's checkout.

Note: Once you switch to the customizable checkout, you will not need to pay transaction fees to eComm platform, so you end up with fewer payment costs for your business. The fees are charged based on your online transactions completed using Checkify, not your store’s revenue.

1.2 The Plans

Checkify has three pricing tiers. Each plan comes with a free trial period.

The Light Plan gives you access to the basic features of the single-page checkout. It comes with the domain, which restricts the use of Facebook Pixel. This tracking technology requires the same domain for both the store (or the landing page) and the checkout. However, you can still use Facebook Conversions API on this plan. The available payment methods are Stripe and PayPal. There is a €9.99/week fixed fee and 1.5% transaction fees.

The Plus Plan gives you full access to all the app's features, including creating a custom domain and connecting Facebook Pixel. The available payment methods are Stripe, PayPal, and Cash on Delivery. This plan has a €14.99/week fixed fee and 1% transaction fees.

The Scale Plan similar to the Plus Plan, but has reduced transaction fees. This plan has a €23.99/week fixed fee and just 0.5% transaction fees.

Note: Your subscription / free trial starts right after the first successful transaction via Checkify's checkout.

2. Checkify billing

2.1 Connect your card to Checkify

When you add a card to Checkify, it is stored on Stripe’s servers, and Stripe will use it to collect payments on your Checkify invoices. Stripe is likely to perform a verification hold (block) in the amount equivalent to €1.01 on your account to check whether the card is valid. Just like Uber or any other from thousands IT services that exist do. Once the check is completed, €1.01 is returned to the account. There will be no payment, and no refund. It'll appear as if the whole transaction never happened. Your bank should be able to confirm this for you. Depending on your card issuer, the original charge will disappear from your pending charges within a week.

Stripe Billing accepts MasterCard, Visa, Amex. We strongly recommend using cards issued by these companies for your subscription. There is a possibility that Stripe declines cards by other issuers. You can connect credit, debit, prepaid cards. Other card types might not support recurring payments. If you see an error message when connecting a card, write to [email protected] or [email protected].

To add a card to Checkify:

  1. Go to the Billing tab in the Checkify Admin panel.

  2. Click Add payment method.

    No payment cards on Checkify

  3. Add your card details.
    Make sure all the details are entered correctly.

  4. Click Add credit card.

Add your card data

ATTENTION: We recommend using "traditional" bank cards. Virtual or digital cards like Wise, Payoneer, Revolut etc., probably, will not be successfully accepted by Stripe.

2.2 Checkify charges

Checkify generates invoices to track your subscription payments. The invoices are generated according to the schedule of your subscription. However, the charging attempts might not always match the invoice time, for example, because of a payment service error or insufficient funds on your card. If you are charged out of schedule and believe it was an error, write to [email protected] or [email protected].

View and download the invoices for your payments in the Invoices section of the Billing tab. You can see the recent invoices or full history of your subscription payments. To download a PDF file with your invoice, click the download icon next to the invoice.

Invoices in the Billing tab

If you need invoices for your company (with Tax IDs or other details added on them), download them from the admin. They should contain the requested data if you decide to share it with us in advance. Please mind that our admin stores invoices during 30 days from the date of their issuing. Contact our support if you need more historical data.

When an invoice is generated, Checkify will attempt to charge your card.

  • If the charge is successful, the invoice will be marked as paid.

  • If the charge fails, we will retry collecting the payment later. We will notify you by email if the payment has failed.

We have a system of automatic cancelations of the subscription due to unpaid invoices. In such a case, the checkout will no longer appear on your store, unless it is reactivated and the debt is covered.

However, even after the subscription is ended, Stripe might still try to repeat a charge attempt. In case of reactivation, our checkout service reserves the right to collect the outstanding payments to continue its operation.

2.3 Change the plan

You can change your plan at any time.

ATTENTION: Switching between subscription plans (once the free trial period is over) is paid. That's why we recommend doing an upgrade or a downgrade of your plan closer to the end of your billing cycle to minimize the costs. For example, on the last day.

Follow these steps for changing the plan:

1. Go to the Billing section of your Checkify admin panel.

2. Click Change plan and choose the one that matches your needs.

3. Save changes.

Go Billing > Billing Profile to change your subscription plan

Note: If you want to downgrade to the Light plan, remove the custom domain, Cash on Delivery, and Pixel. If you have more than one Checkout page offer and Thank You page offer, you need to delete them.

2.4 Cancel subscription

If you decide to stop using Checkify's checkout, follow these steps to cancel your subscription.

  1. Go to the Billing section of your Checkify admin panel.

  2. Click Cancel subscription.

  3. In a pop-up that appears, click Cancel subscription again.

Click Cancel subscription in the pop-up

When you cancel your subscription:

  • Your checkout is deactivated;

  • You are charged transactional fees for the used part of the current billing cycle.

Turning the checkout off and canceling the subscription does not mean the same thing. If you disconnected the checkout but did not cancel the subscription, you will be charged. It works this way for the developers, who need to disconnect checkout without triggering a subscription.

Important: When you cancel the subscription, you will be charged all the transactional fees due at this point. Canceling the subscription moves the billing cycle up, so you are charged right then. If charging is failed, there would be several more attempts to charge fees in order to cover the debt. If you get back to Checkify with unpaid fees, you will be charged before you can reconnect the store. Once the fees are charged successfully the subscription is restored.

3. Trial period

The trial period begins from the first successful transaction via the checkout. The trial period lasts for seven (7) days. You can use all the features while on trial, depending on your plan. There are no limits.

When your trial period comes to an end, you will be charged a fixed weekly fee according to your plan. Fixed fees are charged at the beginning of the billing period, and transactional fees are charged historically.

For example, if you have the Plus Plan, you pay €14.99 on the eights day (seven days are free trial) since starting the usage. Then, after another billing cycle of seven days, you will be charged €14.99 for the next week and transactional fees for the week before.

Canceling the subscription during the trial period saves your trial days. You can use them once you decide to go back to Checkify. If you finish the trial period and cancel the subscription, there will be no charges.

4. Resolving common issues

🙀 I cannot see the Cancel subscription button.

If you cannot see the button, it means you do not have an active subscription on Checkify. If you want to remove Checkify from your store, check our guide on disconnecting Checkify.

🙀 I was charged outside my charging schedule.

If you were charged outside your normal billing cycle, please let us know. Such an issue might happen if charging was impossible because of the server error with Stripe, or insufficient funds on your card on the due date. So the collection of the payment happened later than expected.

🙀 I need invoices with VAT. Can I get them?

We do not charge VAT. You can write to [email protected] or [email protected], and we’ll decide on the further actions.

🙀 Can I delete the card I connected to Checkify?

You cannot delete the card you connected; you can only change it to a different card.

🙀 I refunded an order for the customer. Will my transactional fees be refunded?

If you refunded the order, we do not refund (deduct from) its weekly transactional fees. Shopify treats refunded orders the same way: as of March 1, 2020, they are no longer returning transaction fees on refunded sales.

🙀 My card was not connected.

Please ensure your details are correct, there are sufficient funds for the card's validation, and Stripe supports the chosen card type. If everything is correct, try adding the card from the Incognito mode of your browser or change the browser, log in to Checkify and repeat the operation. If the error keeps coming up, contact [email protected] or [email protected].

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