Translate your checkout if you have a local store that sells products in one country or targets a specific market. Checkify uses Amazon Translate to provide the checkout's localization. You can translate your checkout and Thank You page into one of these 71 languages with the auto-translation feature. In addition, Checkify supports manual translation for any language that's not on Amazon's list.

About auto-translation option you can read in this article.

In this article:

  1. Choose a language

  2. Set up the checkout translation

  3. Customize your translation

  4. Resolving common issues

1. Choose a language

To select another language for your checkout, you need to set it up in the Localization page of your Checkify Admin panel.

Choose the language in the drop-down Checkout language menu.

If you choose a language marked for auto-translation, all the fields will be translated automatically. If there's no auto-translation for your language, all the fields will switch to English, and you'll need to fill them out manually. For example, we don't have an automatic translation for Faroese, so if you live in the Faroe Islands and want to target native speakers exclusively, you'll translate the fields manually. If you want to target a global audience, you're good to go.

Important: You can translate your checkout and your Thank You page into one language at the moment. We'll launch multi-language checkout in the next versions of Checkify.

2. Set up the checkout translation

To translate your checkout:

  1. Choose the language from the list. Then, give it a couple of seconds to change all the fields.

  2. Check that the page status is set to Active.

  3. Save changes.

Localization page of Admin panel.

Let's look at the example.

3. Customize your translation

  • Customize wording

You can manually customize the wording in any language (including English). For example, if the auto-translation sounds too official to you, you can customize fields to match your store's communication style.

  • Add emojis

Add emojis to the text fields to express your creativity.

  • Translate manually

If your language isn't on Amazon's list of auto-translations, you'll have to translate your checkout manually. However, once Amazon adds a new language, our translation base will be updated automatically.

4. Resolving common issues

🙀 I want to have checkout variations in different languages.

You can translate your checkout into one language at a time. We'll release the multi-translation option in the future versions of Checkify.

🙀 Do I need third-party apps to use emojis?

No, you can add emojis directly in the checkout fields.

🙀 I translated a field, but it didn't appear on the checkout.

Check the layout without translation. If the field is absent in the original version, it's probably unavailable in the current layout. Consider that you have found a teaser for the next Checkify update :)

🙀 I translated something manually, but it's still in English.

If you translated a field manually, but it's still in English, it might be connected to a new update. Make sure you set the status of your translation to "Active", then let us know at [email protected].

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