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Post-purchase offers on Thank You page
Post-purchase offers on Thank You page

Post-purchase offers: Sell ​​additional products and services or provide link download, boost your AOV.

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Maximize your store's revenue and average order value by creating extra paid offers for your customers on Thank You page. You can provide upsell offers with Buy Links or simply entice your buyers to get advanced paid service from your store once they checked out.

Where to find

To begin, open Extra offers section in your Checkify admin panel. Select "Offers on Thank You page" tab.

Example of two Thank You page offers created in the admin

Example of two Thank You page offers displayed after the successful purchase

You can include various offers at your discretion, like extended warranty, gift-wrapping, or adding a product for upselling, or a download link for digital products, etc.

Create a Thank You page offer

You can create up to 100 offers to choose from (only 1 offer for a lower-tier pricing plan).

Thank You page offers. Example of creating

The Offer image field is required, and we recommend adding the direct link to an image in one of the popular image formats, ending, for example, .jpg (with no extra symbols like "&width" etc). This image must be publicly available on the web. Simply use some 'open' file storage, like Shopify's solution, to get the links to images accessible to all the users on the web with the link.

If you add a Button URL, you must also add a Button text, because they cannot be working separately.

You can add a link for downloading your product to the Button URL, if you sell digital products. Also, for non-physical goods, we recommend to customize your shipping form.

Alternatively, it is always possible to create and to add a Buy Link. Once done and added, your customers will be able to buy more of your products, as proposed by you.

ATTENTION: This is not going to be a one-click Thank You page upsell. The buyer will be redirected to a new checkout.

Set "Offer applies to"

Choose if you want the upsell to show every time on the checkout page, or when specific collection / products / variants / are picked for purchasing. If you want to select specific collection, products, or variants for the offer, you will see a pop-up from where you will be able to choose the items.

Choose the product(s) or the variant(s) the offer should apply to

Once added, you will be able to edit the products.

Edit the chosen products

ATTENTION: "Offer applies to > specific products" will not be shown in the checkout's Preview mode because it is not possible to determine which product is being purchased. It will be necessary to test it on live and published checkout.

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