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Direct checkout links ("Buy Links")
Direct checkout links ("Buy Links")

Learn how to create direct checkout URLs (buy links) leading straight to the checkout page.

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A "Buy Link" is a direct link to the checkout page with pre-selected items. It is created from the product variant IDs, their quantity, and discount code (optional). You can share them with customers, add to buttons and custom landings (created in various landing page builders), use them in email marketing, etc.

A template of a direct Checkify checkout link

Once a customer clicks on a Buy Link, it will change itself. For example, the image below shows what a buyer would see if they go to,37643057856691:1&discount=SALE

The long Buy Link (above) changed to the unique checkout URL (seen in the address line of the browser)

The checkout above has 3 items of one product variant, 1 item of another product variant, a discount code (SALE, with the rule 5% off) already applied.

In this article:

1. Create a direct Checkify checkout link for your store

To find a template of a direct checkout URL for your store, just visit the Buy links section in your admin panel.

Buy links (link builder) section in the admin

The template you see on the right side of this window is store-specific. It contains your unique encrypted domain followed by shopping cart parameters. Thus, you only need to include your product(s) variant ID(s) and their quantity. If you wish, you can also add a discount code, so it will be pre-loaded at the checkout page.

2. Get variant IDs or create link in Product catalog

You can create a Buy Link using the template (Generated link) and adding Variant IDs from the Product Catalog.

Alternatively, create a Buy Link directly in the Product catalog, as described below. To create a Buy Link in the catalog, use checkboxes to mark the product variants that are needed (1) and go to the My Buy link tab (2). Copy the link containing the selected options from this tab and paste somewhere to finalize it.
If necessary, you can change the quantity of goods or add a discount (add &discount=DISCOUNT-CODE to link) manually, outside the Checkify admin.

Just in case, always test a newly created direct checkout link before sending it to a customer.

3. Resolving common issues

πŸ™€ Can I create a checkout link for several products?

Yes, just add several variant IDs and their quantities. Make sure they are separated with commas.

πŸ™€ My Buy Link is not working. I am getting an error page.

Make sure the Shopify store is live and active, there are no spaces in the URL, the numbers (IDs) are correct and represent an existing product variant, a discount code is ok, if present, and all the separating characters are correct.

πŸ™€ How can I use a Buy Link on my landing page or in my newsletter?

You can embed it to any button or text in a promotional email or a landing page. You can also send this link directly to your customer, for example, if you want to offer them a personal discount.

πŸ™€ Can I let customers edit quantities?

No, the quantities are pre-determined by the number you add to the link itself and cannot be edited at the checkout.

πŸ™€ The Buy Links I've generated contain my store subdomain ( instead of an encrypted store ID. Do they still work?

Yes, that is an old type of connection, and these links still work. You do not have to replace them. However, any new Buy Links you create should contain the store's encrypted ID.

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