Automatic discounts make sales easier, both for you and your customers. You can set up discounts in advance per your sales plan, and your customers will be saved from the hassle of adding the codes themselves. However, we do not eliminate manual discounts. If you prefer them discounts, you can read our guide on discount codes here.

In this article:

  1. What is an automatic discount

  2. Planning your automatic discounts

  3. Discounts currently supported by Checkify

  4. How to set up autodiscounts

  5. Common issues

1. What is an automatic discount

Checkify’s automatic discount is a Shopify code applied automatically at the checkout. If you want the customers to see the discount already at the cart, duplicate the Checkify discount on Shopify. However, note that Shopify supports only one autodiscount at a time, while Checkify allows you to add multiple discounts.

Once you create a discount on Checkify, it automatically sets up a ‘clone’ version of the discount on Shopify that looks like a code marked “App”. We don’t recommend editing or deleting this code on Shopify.

A ‘clone’ of the Checkify autodiscount on Shopify

The discounts on Checkify and Shopify are interconnected. If you edit your discount on Shopify, you will see the changes on Checkify and vice versa. However, it also means that if you choose an unsupported discount type on Shopify, you will get a dysfunctional discount on Checkify.

An unsupported discount on Checkify

2. Planning your automatic discounts

You can plan the autodiscounts to match your customers' timezone so that the sales start on time, and you haven’t accidentally created a flash sale in the middle of the night.

The timezone feature will trigger discounts at the checkout according to either the default setting of your device or to the timezone of the country you’re selling to.

For example, if you are from Italy and sell your products mainly to Italian customers, you can leave the timezone setting unchecked, as it will match your store’s on Shopify. Alternatively, you can click Autodetect to let Checkify determine the timezone based on your device’s information.

Timezone in Checkify admin panel

Choose a proper timezone to sell to customers from other countries, for example, if you are from the USA and sell to Italian customers. Otherwise, you will have to calculate the start time of the sale manually.

To change the timezone settings, go to Your profile tab in the Profile section of your Checkify admin panel, and choose the timezone that matches your customers’ country.

Once you’ve chosen the timezone, the discounts will be triggered according to the new time settings. If you have already created discounts, their timezone will be adjusted automatically, you won’t have to edit them.

3. Discounts currently supported by Checkify

3.1 Types of discounts

Checkify supports two types of automatic discounts: a percentage discount and a fixed amount discount.

  • A percentage discount is usually used in seasonal sales. For example, if you set 10% discount on all the sunscreens, a discount will automatically be added for all the products in the category.

  • A fixed amount discount is commonly used as a bulk discount. For example, you can create an offer, Buy two bottles and get €20 off the entire order.

ATTENTION: if you want to create and use BOGO offers on checkout - please click HERE.

3.2 Properties for the discounts

  • Value

The value of the discount depends on the type of discount you’ve chosen. It’s set up either as a percentage or as units in the currency of your store. The percentage shouldn’t contain decimals.

  • Minimum requirements

    There are three options to choose from.

  • You can set up automatic discounts without requirements. In this case, during the time of sale, any purchase will be made at a discounted price.

  • The minimum quantity of items creates a discount if your customers purchase a certain number of products and more. For example, Buy three pairs of flip-flops and get a 30% discount.

  • The minimum purchase amount sets up a discount for the customers who reach the minimum amount in the cart. For example, Spend $300 and get a 15% discount.

Requirements for the discount

  • Products discount applies to

Choose if you want the discount to apply to the entire order or specific products and collections. If you want to select specific products or collections for the discount, you’ll see a pop-up where you’ll be able to choose the items.

Choose the products or collections the autodiscount should apply to

Once added, you’ll be able to edit the products.

Edit the chosen products or collections

Important: If you select discount applied to specific products, check “Only apply the discount once per order” right under the section. Otherwise, a discount will be added to each eligible product in an order.

  • Active dates

Add the starting day and time. Mark "Set end date" if you plan on a sale with an ending time. Change the timezone in Account & Billing > Your profile.

Check the mark under the date selection for a discount to be deleted from your account after the end date.

Active dates property

4. How to set up autodiscounts

To set up automatic discounts, go to the Automatic discounts tab of your Checkify admin panel.

  1. Choose the type of discount.

  2. Set up the value.

  3. Choose minimum requirements for the discount.

  4. Choose the products applicable for the discount, either all products, specific products, or collections.

  5. Set the start date. You can also set the end date for the sale.

  6. Optionally, check “Delete the discount after the end date” to remove it from your dashboard once it’s finished.

  7. Click Save discount.

Important: the checkout will not be completed and will return an error to your customer if the total cart value goes below zero!

5. Common issues

🙀 Will the autodiscount still apply to the order if a customer used a discount code?

No, customers will be able to override the automatic discount with their discount code.

🙀 I can’t save the autodiscount.

If you have already created the Private app on Shopify before the Automatic discounts were released, you’ll need to update the permissions to enable automatic discounts. The "Discounts" and "Price rules" should have "Read and write access." If you updated the permissions, but the discount still can’t be saved, check if you already have a manual discount on Checkify with the same name. If the problem persists, write to [email protected].

🙀 Do you have a free shipping discount?

No, but you can set up free shipping with conditions, like the number of products in a cart or a minimum amount.

🙀 How many automatic discounts can I create?

As many as you want to, you can set them up in advance. However, if you create more than five automatic discounts to be applied at once, it can impact the loading speed of your checkout.

🙀 Will discounts I created on Shopify work on Checkify?

Yes, they will be added on your checkout. You can configure autodiscounts either for the checkout page only or set them up both in Shopify and Checkify admin panels (this way, your customers will also see the discount in the cart).

🙀 What timezone is used to set up automatic discounts?

You can set up a timezone for your discounts, so they will be triggered when it works best for your store. Go to Profile > Your Profile > Timezone and choose one that matches your schedule.

🙀 I used third-party discount apps. Will the autodiscounts be the same?

You should duplicate all the settings from any automatic discounts third-party apps if you are using them. We can’t guarantee that a third-party app will work properly.

🙀 It says that my discount is broken. What do I do?

It means you’ve chosen the unsupported discount type. Checkify currently supports percentage and fixed amount discounts. You can’t edit such discounts, so delete the discount and create another one with proper settings.

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