A custom checkout domain is a URL your customers see in the checkout page address bar.

Custom checkout domain update

Custom checkout domain update

Please note that this option is unavailable if you have a free (default) Shopify primary domain (your-store-name.myshopify.com).

In this article:

  1. Selecting a subdomain

  2. Creating a DNS CNAME Record in Shopify

  3. Creating a DNS CNAME Record in a third-party domain provider

  4. Domain verification

  5. Resolving common issues, including for those who reactivate Checkify.pro

1. Selecting a subdomain

Custom checkout domain is not included the plan with the lowest subscription fee, but it is available in other plans. The first thing you need to do is to choose a subdomain for the CNAME. CNAME (canonical name) is a record that points out to your original store domain (the A record). A subdomain is a part of the link before your store's name, for example: https://pay.my-store-name.com. Instead of "pay" you can choose any subdomain you like, for example, "checkout" works fine.

Note: subdomains can only contain letters and numbers, so no special characters.

Unsupported character error

Unsupported character error

Once it's settled, open the Settings section in the Checkify admin panel to add your subdomain to the system:

  1. Go to the Custom domain tab.

  2. Input the subdomain you like to "Your custom domain" field.

    Custom domain section in Checkify admin panel

    Custom domain section in Checkify admin panel

  3. Click on Connect domain. You'll see the values needed for a DNS CNAME Record.

Values needed for a DNS CNAME Record

Do not close the tab with the Checkify admin panel, you'll still need it.

Attention: please avoid a fourth-level domain, i.e. do not submit things like pay.www.your_store_name.com

If the approval actually happens with "www" we still recommend to repeat the procedure of approval and to fix this unnecessary element.

2. Creating a DNS CNAME Record in Shopify

The next steps are described for those who bought their domain in Shopify. If you have a different domain provider, follow the procedure specific to the service.

  1. Log in to your Shopify account.

  2. Select Online Store > Domains in the menu on the left.

  3. Find your store domain and click on Manage.

    Please note that you do not need to create a subdomain in Shopify.

    Shopify-managed domains

    Shopify-managed domains

  4. Select DNS settings on the top right corner.

    DNS settings of your domain

    Managing your domain on Shopify

  5. Add a new DNS record. Select CNAME record.

    Adding a custom DNS record for a Shopify-managed domain

    Adding a custom DNS record for a Shopify-managed domain

  6. Paste the values you've received in the previous step into the corresponding fields.

CNAME Record

Adding a new CNAME record in Shopify

7. Confirm.

3. Creating a DNS CNAME Record in a third-party domain provider

If you've purchased your domain outside Shopify, you can still create a CNAME for your checkout. The process is not that different:

1. Open your domain provider and go to your DNS settings:

  • GoDaddy: Domain Manager > Domains dropdown menu > All Domains > select your store's domain > Domain Settings > Additional Settings > Manage DNS

  • NameCheap: Account > Domain List > Manage (your store's domain) > Advanced DNS

2. Create a DNS CNAME Record:

  • GoDaddy: Records> Add

  • NameCheap: Add New Record > Type > CNAME Record

3. Paste the values you've received in the previous step into the corresponding fields.

TTL configurations:

  • GoDaddy: 1 hour.

  • NameCheap: Automatic.

For other domain providers:

The instruction is very similar for all providers. Just go to the Domains section and manage the DNS settings of your store’s domain. Select Add record and paste the values you've received in the previous step into the corresponding fields.

4. Domain verification

Now get back to the Checkify admin panel and click Verify domain. The verification process should take up to 72 hours.

Verifying your checkout domain

This 72-hours verification process includes the verification itself and SSL certification. SSL is a protocol for encrypting Internet traffic and verifying server identity. We are providing an SSL certificate for your CNAME ourselves, so you don't need to configure the encrypting. This step is required to keep user data secure, verify ownership of the website, prevent attackers from creating a fake version of the site, and gain user trust.

If your checkout page new domain has not appeared within 72 hours, you will see an error in the Checkify admin panel and will be asked to repeat the procedure. If the connection is not secure even after 72 hours have passed, repeat the domain connection process. If the situation doesn't change after reconnection, please consider to migrate your domain to Shopify hosting or create a new one on Shopify hosting.

SSL Certificate Not Secure Browsing

SSL certification failed β€” connection is not secure

5. Resolving common issues

πŸ™€ I see a verification error and my primary domain includes a "www". What happens?

In order to maximize the chances of quick and successful verification, please make sure your main (primary) domain on Shopify does not contain a "www". If it is there, simply update your primary domain in this section. For other domain providers (GoDaddy etc.), please follow their instructions or transfer your domain to Shopify Hosting.

1) Select your domain without a "www".

2) Click "Set as primary".

Then, once this action is complete, set up your desired custom (sub) domain for Checkify as described in the instruction above.

πŸ™€ I see "This site is disabled" error. What happens?

Don't worry, this error can simply be fixed by re-submitting your domain (delete and save again) only in the Checkify admin panel, not on Shopify.

πŸ™€ I restored my subscription and I used to have a domain connected, but now I can't see it. What happens?

If you used a custom domain before and this option is available in your tariff plan now, then you just need to reconnect it in the Checkify admin panel. And wait for about 24 hours, the domain will be restored. However, it is highly recommended to try a different subdomain when reactivating the subscription. Example: you had pay.your-store-name.com before the cancellation. In order to get the best experience, try setting up something like secure. or checkout.your-store-name, or any compact new word you like.

πŸ™€ Can I remove the label "Powered by Checkify" if I have a custom checkout domain?

Yes, this option is available for those who have a custom checkout domain. You can switch on the corresponding trigger (switch) while configuring your custom domain. The Checkify label will be removed once domain verification is done.

πŸ™€ Why can't I remove the label "Powered by Checkify" on the default domain?

The customer must understand the origin of the checkify.pro domain, on which the checkout process takes place. This is a legal matter and there is no workaround.

πŸ™€ Can I use just my store's primary domain without the subdomain?

No, you need to create a subdomain, as your primary domain is hosted on Shopify, and the checkout is redirected to Checkify's hosting.

πŸ™€ Do I need to change all of the "Buy links" I've created with the old domain?

No, the "Buy links" you created before still work. You can change them if you want them to be on your new domain β€” they cannot be changed automatically.

πŸ™€ What happens if I decide to change or delete my primary domain?

If you change your primary domain, your checkout pages will still have the old domain. If you delete your primary domain or CNAME, your checkout address will reset to the default pay.checkify.pro.

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