Checkify users may sometimes receive emails from Shopify, which says something like:

Your webhook for fulfillments/create at is failing to return a successful response.

This webhook has been attempted 15 times. If your webhook continues to fail, it will be removed and your application will not receive any more notifications.

Recent failures:

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These messages are also very typical for stores that reactivate Checkify.

ATTENTION: if the number of such emails from Shopify is increasing rapidly and their frequency becomes higher, please reconnect the store. To do that, please visit Profile section, Store tab. Paste the three generated keys from your Shopify admin to the three appropriate fields. Press "Reconnect store" button.

How to reconnect your Shopify store with Checkify

This operation will trigger the reset of the problematic webhooks and, as the result, the problem should be resolved.

Learn what we also know about the roots of this problem and what to do about it.

  • Failing webhooks do not really influence your checkout process or payment processing. It is a simple notification on the event without a call to action (necessity to do anything by any of the sides).

  • These notifications may be more frequent if the same Stripe account is being used somewhere else, for example shared between several of stores or other entities. But even in case of one store, your Stripe credentials are shared with Shopify admin and with Checkify too. Shopify communicates with Stripe and sends a notification/event. However, due to the fact that this event (e.g. a purchase) has already been completed through us, not through Shopify, the processor may return some kind of a warning/notification.

  • With over 1.5 years of commercial operation in such a setup, there have been no cases when a store suffered some blocking or other consequences because of a failed webhook notification like this.

  • In theory, you can try removing the current Stripe integration from Checkify admin and then reconnect it. This should cause resetting of the webhooks, and, subsequently, elimination of these annoying warnings/notifications.

  • What can also be done: set up some rule or create a folder in your mailbox, so that the emails of this type, especially if the frequency is high, keep dropping there.

Learn more on Stripe - Checkify integration here.

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