Refunding customers who have made purchases through Checkify actually happens in the same way like managing orders and refunds through the Shopify checkout.

Step 1: Open your store in Shopify and go to Orders > All orders.
There you will find all of your orders and you will need to select the one that you want to refund.

Step 2: When you open the order that you want to make a refund of, click on Refund.

Step 3: Then, choose the quantity of the product that you want to refund. You could also add a reason for refund in the field below. At the end, just click on the Refund button on the right side.

ATTENTION: if you still experience problems with refunds to your customers and the steps above do not really work for you, please reconnect the store. To do that, please visit Profile section, Store tab. Paste the three generated keys from your Shopify admin to the three appropriate fields. Press "Reconnect store" button.

How to reconnect your Shopify store with Checkify

This operation will trigger the reset of the problematic webhooks and, as the result, the problem should be resolved.

Learn how to deal with failing webhooks messages (notifications) from this article.

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