If you received an email from Shopify Support or Apps Team with the below-given text you must adjust your Checkify custom or private app before April 1, 2023, to ensure proper operation.

Subject: [Action required] Apps on your Shopify store require updating before April 1, 2023

"We’re sending you this email because one or more apps installed on your Shopify store are making calls to APIs that will be removed soon and will soon be unsupported. These apps must be updated by a developer before April 1, 2023 to continue working normally."

All you need to do is simply change some settings in your Checkify setup. Please follow the instruction:

  1. In your Shopify admin open Settings > Apps and sales channels and choose Develop apps.

  2. Click on your custom checkout app, usually called "Checkify", or any other name you previously assigned.

3. In your custom app, select Configuration tab and click Edit button in the Admin API integration section. If you used a Private app to install Checkify then skip this item and go to Step 4.

4. Scroll down and find Webhook subscriptions block. Then select API Version 2022-07 or higher, but not the "Release candidate" - too early for that :)

If you see that you already have version 2022-07 or higher selected, then do not change anything. In such case you can simply close this guide.

5. Click Save to confirm the action. That's it, you're done :)

That's all! You did everything to ensure smooth and secure operation of the app :)

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