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How to add tipping to the checkout page
How to add tipping to the checkout page

Online tipping gives your customers the option to add a tip to their order on the checkout page.

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Do you have many thankful and caring buyers? You can now convert this gratitude into something material and noble. Learn about the process of setting up the tipping process on your Checkify checkouts.

Customers can add a tip as the value in currency. You can change labels and descriptions to customize the online tipping experience to suit your goals, such as supporting your business financially, participating in fundraising, collecting donations for charity, etc.

Set up tipping options from your Checkify admin

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Customization section and select the Tipping tab

2. Click Create tip +

3. Set the value and click Save changes. You can create up to three options, we recommend to use all of them.

Then your tipping options will be shown on the checkout page under the payment method section, as shown in the image below:

You can customize (edit and translate) all the texts related to your tipping block in Localization section:

When buyers add a tip to their order, this action is added (imported) to your Shopify orders like digital products:

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